Tag: leadership

by John Clark

People matter. I have witnessed the power of that simple truth all my life. People make things happen. In the Lab, the students’ success is my success. That’s exactly how it should be. When I became General Manager of WRAL.com, Jim Goodmon, Capitol Broadcasting Company’s President and CEO, gave me two pieces of advice for […] more »

by Desiree Everts

Following on the heels of last week’s announcement of eight new international fellows, the Knight Fellowships program at Stanford has revealed the 12 winners of the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships for the 2014-15 academic year. The program is an attempt to help decipher the future of news — and as you can see from […] more »

by Masood Farivar

Of the many surprises that awaited the Knight fellows upon our arrival at Stanford University, none was more refreshing than the announcement during orientation week that we were not expected to feel beholden to the projects we’d proposed as part of our application. In fact, we were told we were expected to explore new ideas, […] more »

by David Cohn

At this year’s ONA conference, I’ll be on a panel called “I failed and so can you.” I’ve always been a big fan of failure. I think journalism should hold a “fail camp“ (inspired by Ethan Zuckerman). When I restarted the blog carnival, a site that I’ve organized where bloggers can convene to all write […] more »

by David Cohn

Ideas are cheap; execution is everything. There are several factors that come into play to make the difference between a successful and a failed execution. One of those factors is leadership. There are different kinds of leaders. Some lead from the front. (William Wallace comes to mind.) But, in war at least, we haven’t had […] more »