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by David Cohn

Circa is not my first tango with a startup. Even before Spot.Us, the startup I am perhaps still best known for, I have been part and parcel to various projects that were “starting up” even if their aim wasn’t to build a company (i.e., conference organizing or experiments that had sunset dates like Assignment Zero). […] more »

by Lisa Evans

History is littered with awards and accolades for those tenacious journalists who have dutifully discovered money that was spent on something it shouldn’t have been. Evidence of spending is often the ultimate proof of wrongdoing. These stories have ranged from presidential campaigns spending money on surveillance to Members of Parliament dipping into the public purse […] more »

by Kristofs Blaus

A few months ago, we became the largest crowdsourced journalism project in Latvia to date. We reached 2% of the general population and gathered unique data. However, to generate the data and launch the survey we had to program, design and test the system for weeks and invest several thousand dollars in it. The experience […] more »

by Ted Han

We have a lot of projects going on at DocumentCloud, and to serve those goals, we’re looking for others to join us! For those who may be unfamiliar with our project, we’ve included the full details below. DocumentCloud is a web-based platform allowing journalists to upload, analyze, annotate, and publish primary source documents. We want […] more »

by Jon Vidar

On Saturday, The Tiziano Project launched StoriesFrom — a new, open platform for community-based storytelling. The site allows individuals and organizations to easily create immersive documentary projects that combine the work of both community members and professional journalists and filmmakers. The resulting projects display beautiful and engaging online packages. The Tiziano Project students, ElirĂ« Xhemaili […] more »

by Teresa Bouza

Datafest, a two-day contest to analyze campaign finance data that I organized last month at Stanford, was one of the best experiences of my wonderful year as a Knight Fellow. The event was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn. It produced very interesting insights and illuminated possible ways forward for data […] more »

by Melissa Ulbricht

The Mobile Security Survival Guide for Journalists from SaferMobile helps reporters better understand the risks inherent in the use of mobile technology. The guide covers both local journalists and those on assignment in another country. As someone working with sensitive information, mobile communications are inherently insecure and expose journalists working in sensitive environments to risks […] more »

by J. Nathan Matias

How can technology help journalists make sense of complex issues and explain them to the public in a clear, understandable manner? Last year, Jay Rosen’s journalism students spent an entire semester researching and making explanations in partnership with ProPublica, a non-profit newsroom which focuses on investigative journalism. The class did amazing work to highlight notable […] more »

by Christina Xu

The Awesome News Taskforce Detroit recently had their very first deliberation meeting to choose the winner of their first $1,000 grant. I listened in from my room in Somerville, Mass., 718 miles away. We’ve come a long way since my first trip to Detroit in August to sow the seeds for the Awesome News Taskforce […] more »

by Martin Keegan

The people have a right to know, but sometimes they’re a bit too busy to find out for themselves. Informed citizens have both the need and the desire to know about public affairs, whether public or of a more private nature. For as long as there has been democracy, there’s also been a free press, […] more »