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by Aaditeshwar Seth

Company background: Gram Vaani is a social entrepreneurial startup focused on building innovative models of media delivery for rural areas of India. Media is an important agency to bring social change and responsible politics, but novel technological and business methods are required to successfully and scalably enable services in the challenging rural environments. Our open-source […] more »

by Amy Gahran

Yesterday on the Poynter Institute’s E-Media Tidbits blog (which I edit), contributor Alan Abbey posted an item about the latest spate of newsroom layoffs. He noted: “For media workers, these aren’t necessarily bad times. For every job shutting down at LA Times, there is probably one (albeit less well paid, less prestigious, and more nose-to-the-grindstone) […] more »

by Geoff Dougherty

One of the biggest challenges of building ChiTownDailyNews.org has been running the business side of things — fundraising, ad sales, etc — while also trying to build a network of volunteer community journalists, edit their stories, manage our bloggers and beat reporters. As of this week, we’re looking to break those tasks into two separate […] more »