Tag: javascript

by Jesse James Garrett

iWitness, our project to create a tool to aggregate social media by time and place, is now well underway, and we’re looking forward to sharing some of our thinking about the design of the tool with you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we’ve asked our development partners at EdgeCase to provide their perspective […] more »

by Adam Klawonn

What a difference a year makes. Last year, the CityCircles team was solely focused on building an audience for our unique, web-based publishing platform for the Phoenix light rail community. CityCircles has one of the slickest, easiest experiences for posting geo-tagged content (at least we like to think so). That said, think about everything that […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

A public beta of DocumentCloud, one that journalists can kick the wheels on and upload documents to, won’t be ready for a few more months, but work is continuing apace in our corner of the cloud. We’ve released a handful of code that comprises some of the components of our big picture, and it is […] more »

by Jeremy Ashkenas

What does it mean to work on a project where open-source principles are written into the founding contract? A little over a month after receiving a 2009 Knight News Challenge grant, DocumentCloud released its first open-source component. The system, called CloudCrowd, performs the distributed computing that helps process the vast quantities of documents that will […] more »