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by Desiree Everts

The Knight Foundation has announced the winners of a new round of its News Challenge, which focused on strengthening the Internet. Nineteen innovators will receive a portion of the total award of about $3.46 million. As online censorship continues to grow, the tools and platforms to help people continue to access the Internet freely and […] more »

by Desiree Everts

In yet another twist in the winding Net neutrality battle, the FCC recently announced it plans to recraft rules to preserve open access to the Internet. So it seems now is as good a time as any to look at how to strengthen the free and open web — which is precisely the aim of […] more »

by Matt Stempeck

A version of this post first appeared on the MIT Center for Civic Media blog. I was supposed to speak on a panel about SOPA recently with the Northeast chapters of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. It was to serve as an educational discussion for local members, […] more »

by Joe Spurr

Of all the challenges since November, when we began our Knight-funded project, hooking up the Internet was probably the least expected snag. Our project, OpenCourt (formerly Order in the Court 2.0 ), aims to modernize an old-school district courtroom and stream its proceedings live online. There was so much policy to chisel out. There was […] more »

by Andrew Whitacre

Poor Clifford Stoll. His 1995 Newsweek essay The Internet? Bah! Hype alert: Why cyberspace isn’t, and will never be, nirvana resurfaced last month and, yes, is still so curmudgeony that it makes Dennis the Menace’s Mr. Wilson sound like Pangloss: What the Internet hucksters won’t tell you is that the Internet is one big ocean […] more »

by Aaditeshwar Seth

Internet penetration in rural areas, especially in developing countries such as India, is generally poor. Telecom companies do not find it economically viable to deploy wired broadband such as DSL; satellite connectivity is expensive and often slow; dial-up (if available) is always flaky; and cellular data services such as GPRS or EDGE are quite costly […] more »

by Dori J. Maynard

Over at TheRoot.com, Kim McLarin points out the ridiculousness behind the rumor that floating “out there” exists a tape of Michelle Obama using the term “whitey.” McLarin does not base her argument on the fact that a Princeton and Harvard University graduate, married to a man with the political savvy to come from behind to […] more »

by G. Patton Hughes

I’ve attended a few conferences and it appears to me that most folks in journalism hate advertising. Maybe that comes from seeing the last eight inches of their story end up on the composing room floor to make room for another two column by four-inch ad or just distrust of business. I wouldn’t hazard a […] more »

by Benjamin Melançon

How about this for a video game? Free Speech TV has put out a short video about the current and threatened enclosure of the Internet: Disclosure: The video is produced by Steve Anderson, whose COA News is a client of Agaric Design Collective. Some surprising background on the current extent of concentration and tracking supplements […] more »