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by Jorge Luis Sierra

More than ever before, journalists who work in dangerous zones understand the importance of technology to improve safety and reduce risk. Xiomara Orellana, Daniela Aguilar, Ernesto Aroche, and Javier Garcia are four such journalists. Their experiences provide useful examples of what can be achieved with proper security training and the right technologies. Orellana, an investigative […] more »

by Kuang Keng Kuek Ser

Since January, I’ve been developing DataN, the affordable, customized training program in data journalism for small newsrooms. Now the program has found its first user: Malaysiakini.com, the most visited news website in Malaysia (and also my former employer). The DataN training program consists of: Pre-training survey and interviews to understand what the newsroom needs and […] more »

by Jerri Eddings

The recent election of Muhammadu Buhari as president of Nigeria has been hailed internationally as a historic transfer of power for Africa’s most populous nation. It was the first in which a sitting president was defeated at the ballot box. Sunday Dare, an ICFJ Knight Fellow who worked in Nigeria in 2011 and 2012, is […] more »

by Sandra Proudman

Is street photography illegal in Germany? To find out, Berlin-based street photographer Espen Eichhöfer has appealed a conviction that he invaded a woman’s privacy. The 528 supporters of his project on the Startnext crowdfunding platform want to find out too, so they gave him 18,075 € (roughly $19,850) for legal fees. “I want to find […] more »

by Philip Neustrom

While LocalWiki’s roots are in the United States, we’ve seen increasing interest in starting projects all over the globe. One barrier, however, has been that our interface is entirely in English — at least it was until now. Thanks to the hard work of Pedro Lima and Nuno Maltez in Portugal, LocalWiki is now completely […] more »

by Matt Stempeck

Alisa Miller’s TED Talk brilliantly illustrates what news industry observers have been warning for years: Our news diet is distorted. We get very little news about places outside the United States, and that amount dwindles further when we remove Iraq from the equation. If you look at our supply of news from places outside the […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

One week after launching ReportingOn in a public beta that’s helping me prioritize features and fix bugs in my programming, there is one big surprise: The large international turnout. The Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking media blogosphere appears to be truly excited about the idea of Twitter para periodistas, even as I try to differentiate from Twitter […] more »

by Mark Glaser

Hello from sunny Las Vegas! I am here for the E&P Interactive Media Conference at the Rio Hotel, but also to welcome the next round of winners in the Knight Foundation’s 21st Century News Challenge. These folks will soon be blogging here on Idea Lab, and it’s quite a group of winners. (To see the […] more »

by David Sasaki

Just three years ago, ‘citizen journalism’ and ‘citizen media’ were unknown phrases for more than 99% of the world’s population. Slowly, but surely, a considerable movement is starting to help change that. Many of the Knight News Challenge winners are at the forefront of this movement. The Media Mobilizing Project of Philadelphia just recently finished […] more »