Tag: information

by David Cohn

I couldn’t be more excited to join Circa, a new media startup, as “founding editor.” Part of the excitement is because, as the title suggests, it’s not your average editorial job. There are elements to the editorial process of Circa that will be unique. They will be defined and perhaps redefined as we go. That’s the nature […] more »

by Ryan Thornburg

Since the OpenRural project started in November, one of my primary efforts has been to lift the hood on the OpenBlock application itself and find the “unknown unknowns,” as a former defense secretary once said. We saw data go in, and maps and lists come out. But what happens inside the belly of the beast? […] more »

by Dan Schultz

My colleague Matt Stempeck said it best: “Dan, I know that your life has been a tornado wrapped in a hurricane wrapped up in a whole box of tsunamis this week, but you really need to start wearing pants to work.” It turns out only part of that quote is accurate, but you’ll never know […] more »

by Erik Hersman

There’s a problem that constantly plagues us in this day of information overload, and that is the ability to sift the stream of incoming information into the bits that are valuable from those that aren’t. It’s a tough issue that we’ve been working on at Ushahidi for a while now. Our solution is called SwiftRiver. […] more »

by Matt Stempeck

Alisa Miller’s TED Talk brilliantly illustrates what news industry observers have been warning for years: Our news diet is distorted. We get very little news about places outside the United States, and that amount dwindles further when we remove Iraq from the equation. If you look at our supply of news from places outside the […] more »

by David Cohn

This month’s Carnival of Journalism, a site that I’ve organized where bloggers can convene to all write about the same topic, was hosted by Kathy Gill, a social media consultant and senior lecturer at the University of Washington, who seized on the new social network that is Google+. Still in its infancy, Google+ has been […] more »

by Amanda Atwood

This week, Kubatana launched Inzwa, Zimbabwe’s experiment with Freedom Fone, providing audio information via mobile phones. We’ll be updating our information every Tuesday, and we are interested in any feedback to help us improve the service. How does it work? Tune into Inzwa by phoning +263 913 444 321-8 and . . . – Press […] more »

by Amanda Atwood

Freedom Fone’s technical director, Brenda Burrell, was recently interviewed by Digital Planet, the BBC’s weekly world technology update. Read the article, or listen to Brenda speak about Freedom Fone, and the potential of mobile phones as a vehicle for voice based information services. more »

by Dan Schultz

In my first post to this blog I said that the professional/citizen journalist debate was a “topic best left for another day.” It seems that the time has finally come for me to put my two cents out there, and I’ll be doing it by exploring what it means to be a journalist and a […] more »

by Benjamin Melançon

Thanks to Chris O’Brien’s challenge, serious talk of business models for journalism have come to the IdeaLab blog. Let’s pause a moment for an overarching view. Turn off the bright lights and stare into the empty studio. Markets – selling and buying at prices set by supply and demand – don’t work for news and […] more »