Tag: infographics

by Samantha Harrington

How can I best tell the story? That’s one of the most important questions I’ve learned to ask while working at Reese News Lab. I’m a word person. I like news writing, and I dabble in short stories and poetry. There’s a huge part of me that says, “You know how to write. Why don’t […] more »

by Andrew Whitacre

This infographic from Floor Gem blasts the Transportation Security Administration’s prodigious terribleness (prodigious in the sense that the TSA is a terribleness prodigy, on the level of Bobby Fischer and chess). There’s nothing that inherently lends this data to the infographic form. It’s flawed. There’s nothing that that the graphicality adds to the data. But, […] more »

by Bobby Schweizer

Evangelizing newsgames is not just about convincing journalists that they should create and use games to express ideas and inform the public. It’s also about getting journalists to recognize newsgames that are created outside of professional institutions as works in dialogue with their field. Even if a person cannot produce a game on his own, […] more »