Tag: inclusion

by Dori J. Maynard

In a few weeks the American Society of Newspaper Editors will release its annual census. The census, created to capture an accurate picture of the industry’s diversity, will also tell us how many jobs were lost in this year of layoffs, buy-outs and shuttered newspapers. As newspaper companies struggle with advertisers and audiences continuing to […] more »

by Andrius Kulikauskas

The Includer grows wings.  An idea can’t fly on a single wing or even two or three.  An idea soars when inspired from every angle.  Just as a gangster’s heart can’t shut out love from all directions.  Who among us can take credit for a miracle?  It’s the logic of the Glory of a greater […] more »

by Andrius Kulikauskas

The Includer stays alive, as an idea, thanks to last year’s Knight News Challenge. At the Las Vegas awards ceremony, I told one of the judges, maybe I got lucky? He assured me that I won because my idea was original. A billion people live within walking distance to the Internet, but there is no […] more »

by David Sasaki

Originally published on Rising Voices. Which group is most affected by today’s digital divide? The poor? Those who live in rural communities? The so-called Global South? Women? To a greater or lesser degree, they have all tended to benefit less from the advantages and opportunities afforded by the internet than, say, young men living in […] more »