Tag: Iindaba ziyafika

by Harry Dugmore

Giving African newsrooms, particularly community media and non-profit organizations,┬áthe ability to leapfrog into the mobile era is at the core project of Iindaba Ziyafika’s work in South Africa. As Anne-Ryan Heatwole reported last year on this site, our Knight-funded NIKA Content Management System, which was designed and coded in South Africa using Drupal as its […] more »

by Harry Dugmore

People in Grahamstown, a small town in South Africa, now know about 300 things we would never have known if it were not for citizen journalists. Some of what we know comes via big breaking news stories, while other information comes from small blog-like posts. Some of the stories are moving and some have clearly […] more »

by Guy Berger

Here’s a story showing the extent of complications in getting a system going, so I’ll tell it simply. It’s my non-geek experience of work for a community newspaper that aims to produce world-class code for community papers that is singing-dancing, super-portable and open-source. The history started in the buzz around the World Summit on Information […] more »