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by Dan Pacheco

Updated Nov. 5, 2:15 p.m. EDT. While I’ve been blogging on Idea Lab since 2008, this is my first post since starting my new job as the Peter Horvitz Chair of Journalism Innovation at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School. In that role, I’m adopting an Idea Lab “beat” that I call “Journovation“ that seeks to […] more »

by Caitria O’Neill

Image courtesy of NASA #Sandy #OMG #disaster Now that I’ve gotten your attention with the hurricane pulping the East Coast, I want to talk to you about smaller disasters. Face it — not every disaster is as fun to follow as a mega-storm. Ice storms aren’t generally live-blogged on HuffPost. Apartment fires rarely trend on […] more »

by Caitria O’Neill

Did something go wrong? Bring a casserole. While the type of barbeque may vary regionally, if you’re standing near storm damage, there’s likely a home-cooked meal on the way. Following a disaster, competent ladies fill church and school kitchens, turning out hundreds of sandwiches. Restaurants donate buffet trays of wings and lasagna. Community organizations host […] more »