Tag: hack days

by Miguel Paz

As Simon Sinek says in “Start with Why,” great leaders inspire action because what motivates them is the meaning of a situation, not what to do or how to do it. Sinek’s TED Talk is a must-see. Sinek explains how the Wright brothers, young farmers who never finished high school, became the first to build […] more »

by Ryan Graff

This post was written by Ryan Graff of the Knight News Innovation Lab and originally appeared on the Lab’s blog. The Knight Lab recently hosted its third and final Chicago Crime Hack with an event at the Cibola co-working space in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. We drew our largest crowd yet, got to meet a ton […] more »

by Dan Sinker

It’s only the start of April, and already it’s been a big year for the Knight-Mozilla Partnership. We’ve placed four fellows at the BBC, the Guardian, Zeit Online, and Al Jazeera. (A fifth fellow, at the Boston Globe, will be starting a little later this spring.) We’ve renamed and refocused the partnership under the Knight-Mozilla […] more »