Tag: grassroots

by Shannon Dosemagen

This post was co-authored by Sara Wylie, a a Public Laboratory co-founder. Public Laboratory is an open-source software and hardware development community dedicated to producing low-cost tools for environmental research. The nonprofit portion of Public Lab grew out of using aerial mapping to address the BP Oil Spill. Since then, we’ve grown enormously as a […] more »

by Andrew Whitacre

For those who may not know, we at the MIT Center for Civic Media have doubled down on our events schedule. In addition to co-hosting events with other groups around MIT as we have the last few years, we now have two major event series: Civic Media Sessions and Civic Lunches. The latter is an […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

Yesterday I finished a field visit to one of the Community Video Units Video Volunteers has helped to set up, in rural Rajasthan, in villages outside Jodhpur. Rural Rajasthan is an incredibly colorful and culturally rich area, and so the “Community Video Unit” has lots of potential for great programming on arts and culture. But […] more »