Tag: google news

by Christopher Groskopf

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you just got an email when something newsworthy happens? Wouldn’t that make your job easier? Well, have we got news for you. Today’s release, PANDA beta 2, has an awesome new feature: search notifications. Think of it like a Google News search: Go to PANDA and search for something. Check […] more »

by Matt Stempeck

The standard U.S. Food and Drug Administration nutrition label is well-known here in the United States because it is both consistent (for better or worse) and ubiquitous: You’ll find it on almost all packaged foods, excluding certain foods like fresh meat (until 2012) and fresh-baked goods (creating an opening in the market for cupcake detectives). […] more »

by Martin Moore

Far be it for me to question the brilliance of Google, but in the case of its new news meta tagging scheme, I’m struggling to work out why it is brilliant or how it will be successful. First, we should applaud the sentiment. Most of us would agree that it is a Good Thing that […] more »

by Rich Gordon

The first Computation + Journalism Symposium, held Friday and Saturday at Georgia Tech, is over. It’s been widely covered in the blogosphere — you’ll find some of the most thoughtful reflections here and here and here and here. As I said before the panel I moderated (on "Advances in Newsgathering"), the event was truly remarkable. […] more »