Tag: google earth

by Shannon Dosemagen

We’ve just announced that community-generated open-source maps from the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (PLOTS) — captured from kites and balloons — have been added to Google Earth. The 45-plus maps are the first aerial maps produced by citizens to be featured on the site, and are highlighted on the Google Lat Long […] more »

by Leslie Rule

In early March, the amazing Amy Gahran and I presented at Knight Digital Media Center seminar talking about new tools. I spoke about locative media, showed examples, learned a lot, and assured all the participants that they too could create multimedia editorial pieces using Google Earth’s very simple toolkit. One participant from a medium-sized paper […] more »

by Leslie Rule

The city of Shanghai is geo-tagging over 1500 registered ancient tress with the plan to use gps devices to monitor and protect the trees in ways they couldn’t before. Not unlike many cities, modernization poses enormous risks (and has exacted quite a toll) to nature and the natural. So often our built environment doesn’t take […] more »