Tag: geocoding

by Ryan Thornburg

In my intro news writing class at UNC-Chapel Hill we ding students 50 points for allowing a fact error to creep into a story. If the fire happened at 123 W. Main St. and it really happened at 123 E. Main St., it’s an instant F. But I’ve learned from working on OpenBlock that online […] more »

by Eric Rodenbeck

Dotspotting.org is officially live, at long last! The project, which aims to make tools to help people gather data about cities and make that data more legible, has been in a partially completed stage for a few months now, and I’ve blogged about it before. We’ve got a few new things to announce as well: […] more »

by Melissa Ulbricht

Prabhas Pokharel contributed research and writing to this post. If you’re a journalist or blogger, adding location information to your content can add value to your work. This kind of data can be of particular help to journalists who report on specific communities, reporters who create venue-specific multimedia, or citizen journalists who cover events in […] more »