Tag: gamification

by Khari Johnson

A few weeks back, Through the Cracks interviewed Michael Morisy, founder of Muck Rock, a website that allows people to crowd fund and collectively seek public records requests. Just recently, Muck Rock began to offer the Projects service, which allows people to crowdfund the records requests to dig up information and the reporting to find […] more »

by Bobby Schweizer

Fellow Knight News Challenge winner Chris O’Brien recently posted on this site about “gamifying” the news. The idea behind the  movement O’Brien is speaking of, which Brad Flora touched on in another recent Idea Lab post, involves adding incentives — pop-up achievements for tasks completed, progress bars to fill, badges to display, online leaderboards for […] more »

by Brad Flora

Want to learn more about the gamification of news that Chris O’Brien wrote about here last week? I did, so I spent the last few days digging into the web for videos and talks about taking game mechanics outside of what we typically think of as “games.” Sure there’s tremendous potential for news organizations that […] more »

by Chris O'Brien

One of the biggest emerging conversations over the past year in Silicon Valley is around “gamification.” Simply put, this is the idea of applying game mechanics, particularly those found in videogames, to all sorts of non-game experiences. After following this conversation for many months, I’ve come to believe that over the next decade gamification will […] more »