Tag: forums

by A. Adam Glenn

It might seem a good starting point for building virtual community when people already know each other in the real one. But for Boulder Carbon Tax Tracker, we’ve been surprised to find that doesn’t seem so true. For many potential users of our online group blog and forums, the risks of speaking about a controversial […] more »

by G. Patton Hughes

I have an admission to make. I really don’t like blogs. They are not conversational and they don’t build a community. I love forums because they are conversational and with a little nurturing, they can blossom into a full-blown on-line community. This is true whether the common interests are cars, collectibles or a geographic community. […] more »

by Steven Clift

I am working up a post on reader comments to news stories on media sites, comments on media-hosted blogs, or media hosted online forums. At the recent Online News Association conference there was definitely a sense of turmoil surrounding reader comments online. I’d hate to see interactivity switched off due to the lack of “here […] more »