Tag: flash

by Bonnie Bogle

Until recently if you wanted to create a fast interactive map to use on your website you had two main options – design it in Flash, or use Google. With the prevalence of mobile devices, for many users Flash isn’t an option, leaving Google and a few competitors (like Bing). But we are developing open […] more »

by Ian Bogost

The Cartoonist, our winning entry in the 2010 Knight News Challenge, emerged from two research programs. For the past two years, my research group at the Georgia Institute of Technology has been cataloging and analyzing the burgeoning genre of “newsgames” — videogames about current and past real-world events. That research produced a book, Newsgames, which […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

After a series of false starts on an energy consumption game we decided to skip ahead to a timely game of balancing the budget . The game is actually a reprise of a popular budget balancing game we created in 2003 — we’re regularly asked for the source code for that game, and while we […] more »

by Fabio Berzaghi

Here is another update from our research assistant on the “Playing the News” project. The team has been exploring “mini-games” that would provide a challenge as players move through the information from the news stories. Fabio has discovered some open source flash sites that might help. “As I mentioned in my earlier post, this week […] more »