Tag: filmmakers

by David Dunkley Gyimah

3.2.1… a flash ignites. A loud din prevails momentarily. Then an eerie silence descends… people scatter for coverage. Four hours away from Aleppo, Syria, I’m reviewing a film made by Hakewati, a former theatre director and actor. It’s a much-purloined film clip from which the theatre director turned videojournalist has not seen a single penny (that’s a whole […] more »

by Jon Vidar

On Saturday, The Tiziano Project launched StoriesFrom — a new, open platform for community-based storytelling. The site allows individuals and organizations to easily create immersive documentary projects that combine the work of both community members and professional journalists and filmmakers. The resulting projects display beautiful and engaging online packages. The Tiziano Project students, Elirë Xhemaili […] more »