Tag: feminism

by Mark Follman

On February 15 the LA Weekly published a post by Simone Wilson under the headline “Lara Logan, CBS Reporter and War Zone ‘It Girl,’ Raped Repeatedly Amid Egypt Celebration.” The opening paragraph stated that Logan had been “brutally and repeatedly raped” — with that phrase emphasized in bold type. The LA Weekly apparently got the […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

I am posting here a blog written by Ruchika Muchhala, the online manager of Video Volunteers’ website “Channel 19”, ch19.org, where we post the videos made by the community producers. This is a blog she wrote for Rising Voices, where she has also recently started blogging — courtesy of connections made in the Knight News […] more »

by Amanda Atwood

Freedom Fone had its first public debut at the Association of Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) 2008 Forum in Cape Town, 14-17 November. The event was a great opportunity to deploy Freedom Fone — even in its software prototype state. We prepared different content for each of the four days of the conference, and ran […] more »