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by Ryan Thornburg

A little more than five months after NBC News shut down its hyperlocal product, EveryBlock.com, the original open-source application has been resurrected in Columbia, Mo. But although both products were born of the same Django codebase and Knight Foundation funding, visitors to The Columbia Daily Tribune’s new Neighborhoods site will see a different emphasis and […] more »

by Rodrigo Davies

The news that NBC is closing the hyper-local news site EveryBlock has been met with widespread disappointment — rooted as much in the failure of a good brand as the uncomfortable reminder that the hyper-local community is yet to find a business model that pays. Adrian Holovaty, a 2007 Knight News Challenge winner, is the […] more »

by Michael Wood-Lewis

Congratulations to Conor White-Sullivan and the team at Localocracy, which became a recent acquisition of the Huffington Post, as reported by Kara Swisher on WSJ’s AllThingsD. Arianna Huffington said, “[Conor and team are] pioneers in using the web to empower citizens to improve their towns, and their unique vision and talents will enable us to […] more »

by Michael Wood-Lewis

An awful situation for any parent … my wife suddenly needed to drive four hours to Boston Children’s Hospital to shepherd our son through a medical emergency. He was already in Boston, but Valerie couldn’t get out of the driveway. A freak blizzard had drifted four feet of snow across it. If she didn’t get […] more »

by Eric Rodenbeck

Citytracking, one of this year’s Knight News Challenge winners, will present digital data about cities that journalists and the public can easily grasp and use, and provide tools to let them distribute their own conclusions. We will build a series of tools to map and visualize data that is truly Internet-native and useful. The project […] more »

by Juliana Rotich

Hatari.co.ke is is a website that allows anyone in Nairobi, Kenya, to submit reports about crime and corruption in the city. (“Hatari” means “danger” in Swahili.) It will provide the growing city and its inhabitants with a repository of public information about incidents such as carjacking, corruption, police harassment and others. This initiative builds on […] more »

by Mark Glaser

The big news last week was that Knight-funded startup EveryBlock was bought by MSNBC.com for an undisclosed sum. EveryBlock founder Adrian Holovaty is one of the Idea Lab bloggers, and has been a pioneering programmer/journalist at the Journal-World in Lawrence, Kan., and at the Washington Post. There had been some online scuttlebutt around the way […] more »

by Adrian Holovaty

Today’s a big day for us at EveryBlock. We’re making our source code available. Over the past two years, EveryBlock has been funded by a grant from the Knight Foundation. The purpose of the grant was twofold: to launch this experiment in “micro-local” news, and to release the source code. Today, as our grant period […] more »

by Paul Lamb

Following up on the Knight Commission’s work and musings on “community information needs in a democracy”, Mark glaser poses a much more targeted question which has yet to be fully addressed: “What is missing in terms of local community needs”? Most of the discussion in this area focuses on what you and might want in […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

A small local website from Brooklyn has partnered with NBC to build neighborhood pages for a handful of NBC markets. I haven’t followed Outside.in for more than stoop sales (which is New Yorkerese for garage sales or yard sales since most New Yorkers have neither yards nor garages), but it looks like they’ve taken up […] more »