Tag: error reporting

by Lucy Chambers

This piece was co-written with Eric King, human rights and technology adviser at [Privacy International](https://www.privacyinternational.org/), and comes as Privacy International launches a new data release about companies selling surveillance technologies. Today, the global surveillance industry is estimated at around $5 billion a year. But which companies are selling? Which governments are buying? And why should […] more »

by Lucy Chambers

This article was co-written by Martin Keegan, project lead for Spending Stories. How public funds should be spent is often controversial. Information about how that money has already been spent should not be ambiguous at all. People arguing about the future will care about the present, and if data about past or present public spending […] more »

by Scott Rosenberg

The web is a two-way medium. But when it comes to reporting errors on news sites, too often, it might as well be broadcast or print. It’s time to change that. That’s why, yesterday, we announced the launch of the Report an Error Alliance — an ad hoc coalition of news organizations and individuals who […] more »