Tag: entrepreneurs

by Desiree Everts

Company downsizing or early retirement doesn’t have to mean the end of a journalism career for Baby Boomers in the media industry. Many are looking to entrepreneurship or other innovative ways to participate in media as their next step. In fact, a study from the MetLife Foundation found that adults in the 55-64 age group […] more »

by Lara Ortiz-Luis

I joined Matter, the startup accelerator backed by the Knight Foundation, PRX and KQED, in January of this year. At the time, it was 13 weeks into the 20-week program for Matter’s second cohort of media-related startups, “Matter Two.” With only five weeks to Demo Day, I got my feet wet right away and started […] more »

by Mariana Marcaletti

One of the characteristics of entrepreneurship in Latin America is that people usually open their own businesses out of necessity — when they run out of other options (like getting a full-time job, for instance). The case of media entrepreneurs in the region is a particular one: Although most preserve their day jobs to make […] more »

by Lincoln Pennington

One day during winter break, I stumbled upon an article about why professional journalists make good entrepreneurs. Reading the article was like a checklist of what I’ve experienced firsthand at Reese News Lab. While we may not have years of professional experience, student journalists have many of the same skills and habits. The author said […] more »

by Retha Hill

In December in this space I asked about the lack of minorities at new media conferences — both as participants and as speakers. The blog post generated a lot of comments; a Twitter discussion, and the start of a list of wonderful experts — all persons of color — who can help make your next […] more »

by Chris O'Brien

During an otherwise mundane story about Microsoft’s recent decision to offer a free, web-based version of its Office suite of products, I was struck by this sentence in an Associated Press story: With Office 2010, Microsoft must decide how much software it can give away online without undermining its lucrative desktop software business. If it […] more »

by Dan Gillmor

True/Slant’s hybrid model (reporters find their own advertising sponsors) will save journalism! Or not. The Huffington Post is creating tomorrow’s business model for journalism! Or not… Northwestern University’s “computer nerds” will save journalism! Really? Ultra-cheap netbooks could save the media industry! Umm… Journalism Online LLC will save newspapers (!) by helping them charge for what […] more »

by Dan Gillmor

(Note: I wrote this initially for PR Week magazine. What follows is slightly updated.) A cliche of business holds that good ideas are a dime a dozen; it’s hard work and investment capital that turn them into businesses. As with most cliches, this one has a solid foundation of truth. But something has changed, and […] more »