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by J. Nathan Matias

Citizen journalism and social media have become major sources for the news, especially after the Arab uprisings of early 2011. From Al Jazeera Stream and NPR’s Andy Carvin to the Guardian’s “Three Pigs“ advertisement, news organizations recognize that journalism is just one part of a broader ecosystem of online conversation. At the most basic level, […] more »

by Melissa Ulbricht

In Syria, many activists and citizen journalists fill a media void and contribute to the global conversation on the uprising there by capturing and sharing their own footage. They’re organized, trained, smart, strategic, and promote media — much of it mobile — with a purpose. Demonstrators gather in Banias, Syria. Mass demonstrations and state violence […] more »

by Martin Moore

The smell of public activism wafted across this year’s Knight Civic Media conference at MIT. Mohammed Nanabhay from Al Jazeera English (AJE) spoke about how Al Jazeera covered the Egyptian revolution. Political consultant Chris Faulkner spoke about Tea Party activism; Yesenia Sanchez, an organizer for the P.A.S.O./Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, talked about […] more »

by Amy Saunderson-Meyer

The eagerly awaited Freedom Fone Version 2.0 has been released this March 2011. The innovative platform, initiated by The Kubatana Trust of Zimbabwe and funded by The Knight News Challenge, was inspired by the desire to reach out to the burgeoning number of ordinary mobile phone users in developing countries. The all-women management team of […] more »

by Mark Follman

On February 15 the LA Weekly published a post by Simone Wilson under the headline “Lara Logan, CBS Reporter and War Zone ‘It Girl,’ Raped Repeatedly Amid Egypt Celebration.” The opening paragraph stated that Logan had been “brutally and repeatedly raped” — with that phrase emphasized in bold type. The LA Weekly apparently got the […] more »

by Amy Saunderson-Meyer

As an information activist working in Zimbabwe, I’ve found the role of digital technologies in Egypt’s revolution fascinating. Here are some observations surrounding the 18 days of protest, which successfully challenged President Hosni Mubarak’s nearly 30 years of rule. 1. People at the heart. Whilst information and communication technology (ICT) provided critical channels to mobilize […] more »

by Tom Grasty

When you think of the recent unrest in the Middle East, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube immediately come to mind. Yet in an era where the revolution no longer need be televised — now it’s tweeted — wouldn’t a collaborative online video editing platform that allows producers, correspondents and reporters to […] more »

by Amanda Atwood

An upcoming event caught my attention as something I thought other Ideas Lab bloggers and readers might be interested in: Using Social Networking to Marshal the Youth Vote: Online discussion with Rock the Vote director Heather Smith – Tuesday April 7 Very significant elections are coming up in South Africa on April 22, and for […] more »