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by Eric Westervelt

Eva Galperin of the Electronic Frontier Foundation offers tips on how journalists can protect themselves and their sources. Photo: Dawn Garcia Truism of the day: Your digital perimeter is not secure. You know that. The question for journalists is what can you do right now to strengthen it? Are your editors and managing editors doing […] more »

by Matt Stempeck

Good ideas aren’t enough. They need champions and constant vigilance, or Congress will take them from you. Many problems arise when your country’s legislature is consistently more responsive to its donors than its constituents. One of these problems is that simple good ideas can’t just be left alone to bask in their goodness. The Internet […] more »

by Tony Shawcross

I’ve been following the story of Prince’s copyright battles for over a year, and found the latest development noteworthy enough to call attention to. My interest began with Prince and Universal targeting YouTube, fan sites, and housewives for a number of debatable copyright infringements in 2007. It got some good media attention at first, with […] more »