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by Tony Shawcross

Times of great change represent an opportunity to shift power, and the power shift many of us are working towards here is the democratization of the media. We seek to establish truly effective alternatives to the commercial media system, alternatives that are not relegated to obscurity. To build an effective alternative, we must begin by […] more »

by Tony Shawcross

With two months remaining in the first half of our Knight-funded Open Media Project, we’ve got a busy few weeks ahead. Last month, we brought many of Drupal’s top video and media developers together with the staff from the 7 OMP Beta-Test sites for the Open Media Camp in Denver. Next week, we’re presenting the […] more »

by Benjamin Melançon

One pig, if only in the news topic logo*, usually gets a cameo in television coverage of swine flu. The lonely pig is out of context, though — separated from the three-quarters of a million caged, crammed, and fattened pigs slaughtered annually at the massively polluting pig factory in the town with the first human […] more »

by Tony Shawcross

Urbana Public Television, the first of six Public Access TV and Community Technology Centers to implement the model and modules developed for Deproduction’s Knight News Challenge project, has launched their new Drupal website with our help. Lead Developer for Deproduction/Civic Pixel, Kevin Reynen explains the process of setting up this revolutionary new system with Kate […] more »

by Todd Wolfson

As part of Our City Our Voices, Media Mobilizing Project (MMP) in partnership with Juntos has launched a new drupal based participatory website. The Our City Our Voices portal is part of a network of community portals MMP has developed to create dynamic spaces for communities across the city to tell and share stories and […] more »

by Benjamin Melançon

It’s the one that got away. With many Knight News Challenge projects using Drupal, the dedicated Knight Drupal Initiative (reopening after DrupalCon in March), and Drupal sites for the Knight Foundation’s own community, David Cohn must just be deficient in groupthink to have chosen to develop Spot.Us in Ruby on Rails. Despite my bias, the […] more »

by Margaret Rosas

The news is old now, we won a grant, eh? Over the course of the last six months we have embarked upon a journey traveling down the road of journalism, technology and community building. We were awarded this grant as technologists to build a tool for public radio. We are fulfilling this grant as social […] more »

by JD Lasica

Here at the IdeaLab, we’ve been hearing a lot over the past year about Drupal, the open source content management system that is now powering tens of thousands of websites, including Ourmedia, The Onion, Sony Music artists (I really like myplay.com) and a host of citizen media sites. The other night I had dinner with […] more »

by Tony Shawcross

In just over a month, the 6 organizations who will participate in the first round of the Open Media Beta process will be selected, cooperating with Denver Open Media to implement and develop the set of Drupal Modules that will help automate workflows, engage users in more control of the station, increase your online presence, […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

First things first: ReportingOn is live, it’s a public beta, and it’s built in Django. Whoo-hoo! I have a long list of things to polish, add, tweak, revise, and rethink, but it was time to open the site up to users and let them help me figure it out. Last time I wrote about the […] more »