Tag: digital storytelling

by Sam Berkhead

In today’s journalism climate, having social media savvy can be as important as traditional writing and reporting know-how — if not moreso. But with the ever-evolving nature of the web, reporting methods that kept readers engaged even two years ago may no longer work, meaning journalists must always stay on their toes in the social […] more »

by ReadThisThing Team

Podcasts are blowing up, great stories are reaching more people than ever, people are paying for content, and the modern web is giving the world a better platform to tell stories than the world has ever seen. But news divisions are still shrinking, great publications are still failing, local blogs are still shutting down, and journalists […] more »

by Aleszu Bajak

This piece was initially published on Storybench, a cookbook for digital storytelling. Storybench is a collaboration between Northeastern University’s Media Innovation program, a new graduate degree in digital journalism, and Esquire magazine. “Little did I know that the whole time I was working there, I was killing myself.” That’s what Rick Luzaich, a former construction […] more »

by Dan Pacheco

December 21, 1988 changed our world forever. It was an especially dark day for people at Syracuse University and the Scottish town of Lockerbie. All 259 passengers aboard Pan Am Flight 103 — including 35 SU students and 11 villagers on the ground — perished at the actions of those determined to do evil, but […] more »

by Leslie Rule

We are a little more than a week away from heading down to the Mississippi Delta to start our project: geo-tag 3 markers on the Mississippi Blue’s Trial – a trail that stretches from Jackson, MS up to Memphis, TN. One of the teams was given the Riverside Hotel in Clarksdale. In techno talk, we’ll […] more »