Tag: digital security

by Lisa Gardner

Sweeping online surveillance and internet censorship are fast becoming vital means for Thailand’s junta to consolidate political control since seizing power in a coup on May 22. Thailand’s military, since renamed the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has blocked hundreds of websites, issued orders that constrain critical reporting, and threatened those who produce […] more »

by Michael Clarke

On my first trip to Iraq in 2005, I remember being very aware of my security situation. At the time, I had not been to hostile environment training, and when I arrived, the hulking South African ex-special forces Personal Protection Officer who was lucky enough to have been assigned to babysitting me for the next […] more »

by Barrett Pitner

As a journalist, our objective is to understand our beats, and to be able to clearly, quickly and accurately report on the goings-on in them. When the basic means of communication are understood, this job becomes much easier, and when they are not, the job can become next to impossible, and potentially dangerous. This is […] more »

by Diana del Olmo

After this summer’s surveillance revelations, there has been a growing interest from the journalism community on tools available at their disposal to protect communications. Different organizations are compiling guidelines on digital security, describing tools and strategies that can be applied. However, not all journalists out there are necessarily interested in technology or learning to code, […] more »

by Lindsay Beck

Your mobile phone keeps track of all the activity done on the mobile network: from placing or receiving a call, to sending a message, browsing the web, or just being connected and ready to receive communication. Despite its incredible convenience and usefulness, your mobile phone may reveal information about you and your physical location. This […] more »

by Sandra Ordonez

As journalists, the need to improve our digital hygiene is self-evident. However, many of us are new to digital security, which can be overwhelming and filled with complicated security concepts and unknown acronyms. This article is a basic introduction to some concepts security-conscious journalists might want to consider when assessing their security practices.  I’ll update […] more »

by Melissa Chan

What do you do when you know, going into your project, that it’s a losing battle — one that journalists will not win? My yearlong mission as a Stanford Knight Journalism Fellow is to try to come up with solutions to improve journalists’ digital security. The project was born from personal experience: As a correspondent […] more »

by Karen Reilly

“On condition of anonymity” is one of the most important phrases in journalism. At Tor, we are working on making that more than a promise. The good news: The Internet has made it possible for journalists to talk to sources, gather video and photos from citizens, and to publish despite efforts to censor the news. […] more »