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by Dan Sinker

This week, as part of our search for our 2015 Knight-Mozilla Fellows, who spend 10 months writing open code in the newsroom, we have asked others that develop in the newsroom why they do what they do. The answers — we highlighted a couple in a previous post — are still flowing in, but we […] more »

by Dan Sinker

In less than a month, on August 16, the search for our 2015 Knight-Mozilla Fellows will come to a close. Knight-Mozilla Fellows do amazing work — they spend 10 months embedded in newsrooms writing code to help solve journalistic problems — but they don’t do that work alone. When you become a Knight-Mozilla Fellow, you […] more »

by Rafat Ali

Starting up a news site has become the easiest thing in the world over the last decade, but building a long-lasting media company from scratch is among the hardest tasks in startupland. Having worked on a couple of these myself, I’ve always believed one of the most underrated barriers to entry for a media startup […] more »

by Ryan Graff

This post was written by Ryan Graff of the Knight News Innovation Lab and originally appeared on the Lab’s blog. Over the past few months something unusual has happened to public data projects: They’ve made national headlines. For journalists, the most well-known project was the gun permit holder map the Journal News in White Plains, […] more »

by Waldo Jaquith

Version 0.6 of The State Decoded is now available on GitHub. This release is a really exciting one — it establishes a public API for State Decoded sites and creates a standard XML format for importing laws! This is an important release of The State Decoded, one that stands to increase significantly the accessibility of […] more »

by Dan Schultz

The planets have finally aligned on one of my early assignments at The Boston Globe. The project is called Quizzler, and it is by no means going to change anything. It’s a quiz system — something the producers ultimately want because it will generate page views. It has been done. This post is not about […] more »

by Christopher Groskopf

September 6 will be both the [PANDA Project’s](http://pandaproject.net/) one-year anniversary, as well as my last day as a full-time developer. The PANDA project aims to make basic data analysis quick and easy for news organizations, and make data sharing simple. To celebrate the end of primary development, we’ve spent the last few weeks on spit-and-polish […] more »

by Dan Sinker

Way back in November, as the ideas that led to Knight-Mozilla’s OpenNews relaunch were starting to be articulated, I wrote about the need for something to “shine a spotlight” on the code being written in journalism: I think that there’s real work to be done in advocating for, shining a spotlight on, and helping to […] more »

by Dan Sinker

There’s no better example of the global scale of the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project than the dualing hack days we recently sponsored in New York City and Buenos Aires. In New York, we gave money for travel scholarships to bring top-notch developers to town to take part in the Wall Street Journal’s Data Transparency Weekend, which […] more »

by Dan Sinker

It’s only the start of April, and already it’s been a big year for the Knight-Mozilla Partnership. We’ve placed four fellows at the BBC, the Guardian, Zeit Online, and Al Jazeera. (A fifth fellow, at the Boston Globe, will be starting a little later this spring.) We’ve renamed and refocused the partnership under the Knight-Mozilla […] more »