Tag: datasets

by J. Nathan Matias

For the past three years, I’ve been using methods to identify gender in large datasets to support research, design, and data journalism, supported by the Knight Foundation, with an amazing group of collaborators. In my Master’s thesis, used these techniques to support inclusion of women in citizen journalism, the news, and collective aciton online. Last […] more »

by Jenny Xie

This is the first in a series of Q&As with Knight News Challenge winners who’ve wrapped up their projects. Brian Boyer, currently the news applications editor at NPR, is the project manager of PANDA Project, a Knight News Challenge winner in 2011. I recently interviewed Boyer about the project via email. The following is an […] more »

by Lucy Chambers

The Spending Stories team’s experience in leading data journalism workshops, such as the one last year on EU spending in Utrecht and EuroHack in Warsaw, has shown that there are still a lot of barriers hindering data journalists from reporting on spending. This month, April 25-29, at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, we’ll continue […] more »

by Christopher Groskopf

We’re excited to, for the first time, put PANDA into users’ hands! After roughly six months of development, we are releasing our first beta version. This release implements nearly all of our “must have” features. We’ve written several times (1, 2, 3) about specific parts of PANDA in development, but until now haven’t paid much […] more »

by Martin Keegan

The people have a right to know, but sometimes they’re a bit too busy to find out for themselves. Informed citizens have both the need and the desire to know about public affairs, whether public or of a more private nature. For as long as there has been democracy, there’s also been a free press, […] more »

by Martin Keegan

Data journalism is hard. In particular, when it comes to data about spending, stories hide behind the numbers, veiled with jargon. Holes in the data conceal entire chapters in the great narrative about where the money flows and goes. For many journalists, investing time grappling with tools to analyze spending data is unfruitful or unsexy. […] more »

by Justin Miller

We’ve talked here before about [TileMill](http://mediashift.org/idealab/2010/08/tilemill-custom-maps-to-help-with-data-dumps-hyper-local215.html), an open source tool for creating your own custom map tiles (the individual pieces that make up a full map of a city, country, and so on). But what sorts of things can you do with these map tiles? One area we wanted to explore was using them on […] more »

by Robert Soden

In our [previous posts](http://mediashift.org/idealab/2010/08/tilemill-custom-maps-to-help-with-data-dumps-hyper-local215.html) on [TileMill](http://mapbox.com/tools/tilemill), we’ve focused on how [open data can be used to create custom maps](http://mediashift.org/idealab/2010/09/open-data-custom-maps-better-afghan-election-monitoring259.html)and [tell unique stories](http://mediashift.org/idealab/2010/08/helping-dc-drinkers-and-bikers-with-custom-maps230.html). One question we run into a lot is, “Where does open data come from?” One exciting source is a global mapping project called [OpenStreetMap](http://www.openstreetmap.org/) (OSM). Founded in 2004 with the goal of creating […] more »