Tag: data collection

by Ryan Thornburg

Reporters in four North Carolina counties have a new colleague — a robot that checks public records every day for story ideas and shoots you an email if something shows up that you’ve told it is interesting to you. The N.C. Data Dashboard for newsrooms scrapes online police reports and other public data in Wake, […] more »

by Trevor Knoblich

In my previous post, I argued that established, traditional newsrooms tend to be most comfortable accepting citizen reporting or user-generated content during a large-scale, widespread emergency event. In these circumstances, newsrooms often accept photo and video submissions from the public, or even seek them out on Instagram, Vine or Twitter. Professional journalists or editors may […] more »

by Ryan Jones

With new smartphone apps making headlines daily, it’s too easy to overlook the innovative potential of more basic technology like SMS on low-end phones. At FrontlineSMS, we’re leaders in helping organizations around the world realize that potential, and we build tools to help turn SMS into an effective and ubiquitous channel for communication and data […] more »