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by John Clark

What is value anyway? We throw the word around so often that we forget what it really is about. Or worse, we assume what the media does is automatically valuable because we believe in it so fervently. Journalism is valuable and necessary to our communities and society but not everyone finds it personally valuable. Value […] more »

by Anu Sridharan

In January, we had 1,000 customers registered for NextDrop, which informs residents in India via cell phone about the availability of piped water. This month — just four months later — more than 25,000 people were subscribed to it. Ramping up in such a short period of time is challenging to say the least, but […] more »

by Ari Olmos

Starting a social enterprise is hard. As a startup, you face tremendous uncertainty. Your business is full of leaps of faith, fundamental ideas about your company that you hold but can’t yet prove. Paramount among these is the following: Customers will like the service we’re providing and will be willing to pay for it. NextDrop […] more »