Tag: current events

by Simon Ferrari

In “Newsgames: Journalism at Play,” we argue that the news quiz “is an incredibly simple type of game, but one that nevertheless can transmit factual information in a refreshing way.” Perhaps our favorite example is an op-ed suite from The New York Times called “Turning Points, 2008 Edition,” which couples a Trivial Pursuit-style question card […] more »

by Bobby Schweizer

In the course of researching newsgames over the past few years, we’ve been able to roughly categorize them into certain types, which we’ve previously written about on Idea Lab. These categories were based on how genres of games are able to support types of news stories. Current event games tend to be short, 2D, and […] more »

by Bobby Schweizer

The [newsgames project](http://jag.lcc.gatech.edu/blog/), which this year won a [News Challenge grant](http://mediashift.org/idealab/2010/09/the-cartoonist-aims-to-bring-newsgames-to-the-masses243.html), began two and a half years ago with a single question: What is the relationship between videogames and journalism? With the help of the two dozen fellow students at Georgia Tech who’ve joined us over the past five semesters, we identified and explored seven […] more »