Tag: curation

by A. Adam Glenn

The wreckage of Superstorm Sandy, which a year ago blew through the East Coast of the United States, was not limited to the dozens of lives it took or the tens of billions in property damage it cost. Sandy also left behind a news media puzzling over how to provide sustained coverage of a complex, […] more »

by Emily Harris

Where do you turn when you’re looking for tools or know-how to do your work better? There are many excellent resources for journalists gathered by specialty organizations or as periodic blog posts. The Journalism Accelerator takes a different approach. To help news providers search more efficiently across various networks, and find what they need, the […] more »

by Joel Sucherman

Jason and the Argonauts were the mythological Greek heroes who set off on a quest for the Golden Fleece. Like its namesake, NPR’s Project Argo is off on another noble quest — to strengthen local journalism, particularly on digital platforms. Project Argo is a partnership between NPR and member stations, funded by the Knight Foundation […] more »