Tag: community media

by Mike Rispoli

Journalism needs community support, and communities need the support of local journalists. That idea is at the heart of News Voices: New Jersey, Free Press’ community-engagement project. Last night in New Brunswick, more than 120 people demonstrated what’s possible when neighbors, church leaders, students, educators and journalists sit together at the same table. Journalism can: […] more »

by Amanda Zamora

I have a confession to make. I hate my job title. And I bet many other social and audience editors/producers/specialists/coordinators/managers probably do, too. On the one hand, it’s been gratifying to see the proliferation of audience roles in the newsroom over the last five years (Julia Haslanger counted at least 81 different audience-related job titles […] more »

by Rob McCausland

In recent years, “public service media” has emerged as the term describing all that’s right with public media, community media, and non-profit journalism, and how those three sectors could be collaborating to function more perfectly in a new telecommunications-reformed promised land. Largely overlooked in these future of media discussions are two types of simple, non-edited […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

This is Part 3 in a 4-part series in which Video Volunteers is sharing what we’ve done over the last year, our experiences, and what we’ve learned. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. In August, the Video Volunteers staff attended an amazing program called the Global Social Business Incubator at Santa […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

The state of technology today means that nearly every village in the developing world could have someone — a local changemaker — who broadcasts his or her issues to the world. It’s commonplace today to hear people say the world is flooded with content and that “everyone” can now be a producer. At every community […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

Video Volunteers recently launched IndiaUnheard, a new project (and website) attempting to create a bridge, through community media, between disconnected rural communities and web audiences who are interested in news on issues of human rights, development and corruption. You can see the result and watch the community videos here. As this is a relatively new […] more »

by Aaditeshwar Seth

This is a long overdue update from our end! We were awarded a grant in the 2008 News Challenge for developing low-cost technologies for community radio stations in India. We have come a long way since then. Our systems are now in use in 9 stations in India, and growing steadily. But we have also […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

The TED talk of Ethan Zuckerman, the founder of the international blogging site Global Voices, provides amazing insight into the challenges of telling international stories online. It’s told in the great TED way of painting lots of pictures and using a ton of anecdotes. Zuckerman said it’s a big myth that the web is bringing […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

A big question that we deal with when thinking about the future of locally produced media is how will it ever become financially sustainable? As of right now, Video Volunteers has been supporting local media units in India and Brazil whose basic job is to make video stories about their local issues and then screen […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

One area that has recently started occupying our attention at VV is the business of newspaper stringers in rural areas in the developing world. Another one is the way that news stories get out, and the difference between a journalism system where stories get “pushed out” and one where they need to be “pulled out.” […] more »