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by Rich Gordon

The Crunchberry Project — six graduate journalism students, including two "programmer-journalists" attending the Medill School on Knight News Challenge scholarships — set out this fall to solve two challenging problems: Improving conversations around news, and building news engagement among young adults. Here’s what they came up with: News Mixer. It melds three "commenting structures" — […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

Here’s a poorly-kept secret: I hang out with Web developers all day. And by their nature, Web developers tend to be Web savvy, and Web natives. Which means they are already using and hacking and rebuilding the next big thing online before most of us have ever laid our eyes on it. Like this one: […] more »

by Rich Gordon

Team Crunchberry — so-called because we’re thinking about Cedar Rapids, Iowa, home of a large Quaker Oats cereal factory responsible for the nickname "City of the Five Smells" — has emerged from its ideation process with a core idea and a target audience. The six-student team has created three personas representing 20-34-year-olds in eastern Iowa, […] more »

by Dan Schultz

A few days ago I was snooping around Digg when I noticed a popular submission titled The Difference Between Digg and Reddit. I clicked, eager to learn, and was presented with an image juxtaposing two very distinct flavors of user-submitted comments surrounding the breaking news of Tony Snow’s death. The first comments shown at Digg […] more »

by Steven Clift

I am working up a post on reader comments to news stories on media sites, comments on media-hosted blogs, or media hosted online forums. At the recent Online News Association conference there was definitely a sense of turmoil surrounding reader comments online. I’d hate to see interactivity switched off due to the lack of “here […] more »