Tag: citizen media

by Melissa Ulbricht

In Syria, many activists and citizen journalists fill a media void and contribute to the global conversation on the uprising there by capturing and sharing their own footage. They’re organized, trained, smart, strategic, and promote media — much of it mobile — with a purpose. Demonstrators gather in Banias, Syria. Mass demonstrations and state violence […] more »

by Jesse James Garrett

Let’s face it: The great promise of citizen media has not really been fulfilled. News organizations have struggled to find ways to supplement their coverage of news events with contributions from citizens — and finding citizen media related to a news event is currently difficult at best. Keyword searches and hashtags provide partial solutions, but […] more »

by Melissa Ulbricht

In the Horn of Africa, Somalia makes headlines, but often only because of drought, famine, crisis and insecurity. Al Jazeera launched Somalia Speaks to help amplify stories from people and their everyday lives in the region — all via SMS. Somalia Speaks is a collaboration between Souktel, a Palestinian-based organization providing SMS messaging services, Ushahidi, […] more »

by Desiree Everts

As world events like Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring, and the Japanese tsunami disaster have shown, YouTube and social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook have the capacity to turn just about anyone into a journalist. It’s a trend that leaves some traditional media outlets skeptical, or even downright disgruntled. But when media […] more »

by Jon Vidar

In 2006, the phrase “community journalism“ was exploding as a possible savior for the journalism industry (similar to the much-hyped hyper-local journalism today). Somewhere along the way, however, the concept got washed over by a sea of organizations simply distributing Flip Video cameras and expecting amazing content. Who needed a journalism degree? Promoting local voices […] more »

by Melissa Ulbricht

Armed with a few Kodak Zi8 cameras, six HTC Wildfire mobile phones and expertise in training citizen journalists, Small World News is working to share stories from embattled Libya with the larger world. Small World News is on the ground in Benghazi training Libyans to capture and tell video stories of events in this volatile […] more »

by Melissa Ulbricht

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) is three months into an interactive SMS service with its Radio Azadi service in Afghanistan that allows listeners to access content and participate in the program via mobile phone. Through the interactive SMS service, Radio Azadi is now able to send and receive SMS messages from subscribers. As a news […] more »

by Alexander Zolotarev

I’ve just returned from England where I spoke at the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) event, an independently funded festival of new cinema and digital culture. It was held in the Cornerhouse, a 25-year-old arts and media space located in the heart of Manchester. My presentation was part of the #media2012 session dedicated to the growing […] more »

by Melissa Ulbricht

If a large truck illegally barrels through a neighborhood and no reporters are around to see it, does it make the news? It does if local residents with mobile phones can text truck sightings to a local public radio station. This is the premise behind a new pilot project called Sourcing Through Texting from a […] more »

by Anne-Ryan Heatwole

In Grahamstown, South Africa, getting and sharing news is a mobile experience. Grocott’s Mail, a local paper, incorporates mobile phones into many aspects of its news service — from disseminating headlines via SMS, to encouraging readers to text in their opinions and making it a part of a Knight News Challenge-winning citizen journalist training program. […] more »