Tag: citizen journalists

by Joe Spurr

The information office of the highest court in Massachusetts just launched a new online registration process for citizens and news organizations wishing to use cameras and other electronic equipment to cover court hearings throughout the state. The process is a lead-in for amended courtroom media rules that become effective next month. Key changes to Rule […] more »

by John Ewing

Comparisons are rarely drawn between the fields of art and journalism. But most of last month’s work on my Knight Challenge project, Virtual Street Corners, was spent networking and conducting research into these areas. Since I will be hiring several citizen journalists, I’ve been reading up on that topic, and thinking about the similarities with […] more »

by Dan Gillmor

A fierce and fascinating debate has broken out over the cover photo on Time magazine’s April 27 print edition. Time paid a pittance for the picture — at least a pittance next to what big magazines normally pay for cover art — and that’s made a lot of professional photographers furious. They should get over […] more »

by David Cohn

I tend to avoid the “professional vs. amateur journalism” debate, saying “I have constructive criticisms for both sides.” As we’ve hit a flash point for traditional news organizations, the evolution of citizen journalism networks like NowPublic, AllVoices and others may shed light on how the media space will resolve. Perhaps the two “opposites” will meet […] more »

by Harry Dugmore

Cell phones are great for making calls, listening and speaking. So when it comes to media convergence, and the ability to do more and more on our cell phones, why is our media still so writing-centric? Even in the Iindaba Ziyafika project, our Knight funded expansion of the public sphere in Grahamstown City, we’re focused […] more »

by Harry Dugmore

Is hyper-local journalism interesting enough to engage its own audience? And is the prospect of being more “in the know,” and more connected and more involved in one’s community, attractive enough to inspire people to take the time out to do citizen journalism? The old adage that “all news is local” does hold a great […] more »

by Guy Berger

The news has started to flow. It’s a trial-trickle from township teenagers, through to other social groupings in Grahamstown. With the kick-off of phase one during 2008, citizen youth content has crossed the chasm of age difference to reach the older readers of the Grocott’s Mail newspaper. This is an early manifestation of the Knight […] more »

by Ian V. Rowe

The premise of our MTV/Knight Choose or Lose Street Team ’08 is that the path to civic participation and becoming a voter is different for everyone, particularly among today’s youth. Frequently, young people disconnect the issues that concern them most, from the act of voting – on the premise that their individual vote won’t make […] more »

by Ian V. Rowe

“When I say that we all ought to collectively stand, bend over, and moon the rest of the media world, I really mean it. And it’s too bad a few people had crappy times, but that’s entirely the failure of this country to build the kind of communications infrastructure that Europeans and Koreans can’t laugh […] more »