Tag: cities

by Eric Rodenbeck

One of the central tenets of the Knight News Challenge grant for Citytracking was that the work would happen in public, and that we’d make the work public as we go. Citytracking presents digital data about cities that journalists and the public can easily grasp and use, and provides tools to let them distribute their […] more »

by Andrew Whitacre

With a redoubled focus on the community in the civic media community, the Center for Future Civic Media at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launched a new series last week. These relaxed, informal conversations about civic media featured ground-level practitioners, activists, hackers, and local leaders. The first session, “Bustling with Information: Cities, Code, and […] more »

by Paul Grabowicz

A big concern we had when we started our Remembering 7th Street video game project was how older people who lived and worked on Oakland’s 7th Street in the 1940s and 1950s and frequented the jazz and blues clubs there would react to our virtual world rendition of it. Would it look like what they […] more »