Tag: california watch

by David Cohn

At last week’s Future Civic Media conference at MIT there was a barcamp session on “collaborations in the newsroom” led by Josh Stearns from Save The News. (See his excellent list of journalism collaborations.) In many ways, this was a continuation of a conversation in San Francisco where Josh took fantastic notes. I hope to […] more »

by Ryan Sholin

It’s an increasingly common story in the news business: Young journalist roars out of graduate school at Berkeley, gets a great job at a magazine in New York, works like mad, gets laid off when the economy tanks, turns to his blog and Twitter to brand himself a rock star in his field, publishes a […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

How are you handling primary source material on your website? OaklandLocal is summarizing a new report on a shootout in March that left five people dead. They use Scribd to embed reports directly on their site, but can’t provide annotations. California Watch is looking at what campaign season generosity bought for agribusiness in the Sacramento-San […] more »