Tag: Buenos Aires

by Dan Sinker

There’s no better example of the global scale of the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project than the dualing hack days we recently sponsored in New York City and Buenos Aires. In New York, we gave money for travel scholarships to bring top-notch developers to town to take part in the Wall Street Journal’s Data Transparency Weekend, which […] more »

by David Sasaki

Buenos Aires Leads the Way Two months ago I was back in my old stomping grounds, Encinitas, California. It had been several years since I last coasted along Highway 101 as it sucks in its asphalt belly between San Elijo Lagoon and the near-perfect surf break, Cardiff Reef. I pulled off the side of the […] more »

by David Sasaki

OK, So you’ve got your own blog. You’ve started taking pictures and posting them online. But what’s more, you’ve also trained some of your friends, family, and neighbors how to publish online. And, via the blogosphere, you’ve been able to get to know others in your city who you otherwise never would have met. Great! […] more »