Tag: broadband

by Joe Spurr

Of all the challenges since November, when we began our Knight-funded project, hooking up the Internet was probably the least expected snag. Our project, OpenCourt (formerly Order in the Court 2.0 ), aims to modernize an old-school district courtroom and stream its proceedings live online. There was so much policy to chisel out. There was […] more »

by Bonnie Bogle

The Department of Education (ED) recently launched [Maps.ed.gov/Broadband](http://maps.ed.gov/broadband/) an interactive map that shows schools and their proximity to broadband Internet access speeds across the country. This is an important story for ED, an agency that has a stated goal that all students and teachers have access to a sufficient infrastructure for learning — which nowadays […] more »

by Dan Gillmor

As everyone knows, the nation’s scam artists, monopolists and market-riggers have all gone into hibernation during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. This has given the Federal Trade Commission the breathing room it needs to intercede in an arena where its role is, at best, unclear. This week, the commission held a two-day […] more »