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by Dori J. Maynard

From pop culture and politics to the personal, Danielle Belton’s The Black Snob covers a lot of ground. During a recent week, Belton weighed in on everything from Mormons comparing themselves to Southern blacks during the civil rights movement, to the Michelle Obama Action figures. She didn’t think much of either. Writing with a distinct […] more »

by Harry Dugmore

Although newspapers have gone through 150 years of evolution away from popular contributions and towards fully professional writing, technology is rapidly re-empowering non-professionals. Anyone who has rudimentary access to technology can blog or Twitter, take cell phone photos and video of dramatic moments, and quickly get them ‘out there.’ But does the input method matter […] more »

by Jessica Mayberry

I am posting here a blog written by Ruchika Muchhala, the online manager of Video Volunteers’ website “Channel 19”, ch19.org, where we post the videos made by the community producers. This is a blog she wrote for Rising Voices, where she has also recently started blogging — courtesy of connections made in the Knight News […] more »

by Dori J. Maynard

Two days after the election both UNITY and the National Association of Black Journalists sent out open letters urging the media to redouble their efforts to diversify staffs in the aftermath of the historic election of Barack Obama. At the same time, others privately wondered if there are some people who would argue that the […] more »

by Angela Powers

Citizen journalism, the blogosphere, YouTube, Facebook and more…what do these social networks and new media forms have to do with journalism and mass communications? Often they refer to individuals, rather than traditional media organizations, playing an active role in collecting, reporting and disseminating news. * For example, students at Northern Illinois University took to the […] more »