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by Joe Germuska

First and foremost: Thanks to our early users for helping us make [PANDA](http://mediashift.org/idealab/2011/08/panda-aims-to-make-data-analysis-easier-for-journalists-and-well-be-at-ona237.html) better! At the [NICAR conference](http://mediashift.org/idealab/2012/02/journo-coders-take-nicar-12-to-a-whole-new-level059.html) in St. Louis, we helped almost two dozen PANDA servers enter the world in less than an hour. We’re hoping this is a sign that we’ve made PANDA easy enough for many newsrooms to install. Plus, our […] more »

by Christopher Groskopf

We’re excited to, for the first time, put PANDA into users’ hands! After roughly six months of development, we are releasing our first beta version. This release implements nearly all of our “must have” features. We’ve written several times (1, 2, 3) about specific parts of PANDA in development, but until now haven’t paid much […] more »

by Kristofs Blaus

SocMap.com is pleased to announce that we’ve launched the “tweets” and “places” features on our site, and we hope to debut “local initiatives,” “local questions,” and a city-planning game on February 1st. SocMap, a 2010 Knight News Challenge winner, is building a map-based interface for location-related data such as tweets, local initiatives, local news, public […] more »

by Amanda Hickman

Eagle-eyed followers of the DocumentCloud Twitter feed have already picked up on the fact that we began adding users to our beta last month. We made a strategic decision to peg our beta to NICAR’s March 2010 computer assisted reporting conference, where we knew we’d be able to gather a sizable group of just the […] more »