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by David Sasaki

Amid so much talk of federal bailouts for the banking and auto industries, what would a national bailout plan for journalism look like? If you were given $700 billion to save journalism, how would you use it? How would you fix the system? The End of Commercial Media Several months ago I watched Roger Alton, […] more »

by Chris O'Brien

This thought occurred to me over the weekend when I heard that Barack Obama’s campaign had purchased advertising space in videogames. According this Associated Press Article: “Nine video games from Electronic Arts Inc., ranging from the extremely popular ‘Madden 09’ football game to the street racing ‘Burnout: Paradise,’ feature in-game ads from the Obama campaign. […] more »

by Henry Jenkins

Over the past two posts, I’ve suggested ways educators could use the campaign bio videos produced for the two national conventions as a way of encouraging civic literacy. I’ve suggested that they are powerful examples of the different ways that the parties “frame” their candidates and platforms. The focus on personal biography brings to the […] more »

by Henry Jenkins

George Lakoff’s book, Don’t Think About an Elephant, has been one of the most influential arguments about the nature of American politics to emerge in recent years. Lakoff, a linguist, turned his attention to the “framing” of political discourse. If you want to look more closely at his argument, “A Man of His Words“ is […] more »

by Dori J. Maynard

No matter the medium, the subjects were the same. Jesse Jackson made some rather unwise remarks about Barack Obama and the New Yorker published a satirical depiction of the Obamas that many thought missed the mark. The difference came when you looked at how those stories were covered on the web compared to the “traditional […] more »