Tag: balloon

by Mathew Lippincott

This post compares technologies for aerial photography, but it is also about how tool choices can embed values, including transparency, openness, and accessibility, into the growing popular culture of mapping. Falkirk Young Archaeologists’ Club takes a self portrait from the top of a carp fishing pole. Most map imagery is collected by airplane or satellite […] more »

by Stewart Long

Public Lab’s balloon- and kite-based mapping approach is a new way to take aerial images from the ground. However, there are some considerations and things that can be learned from a few map stories. Each map project has distinct characteristics in its time, place, and local atmospheric conditions. Here are several examples of how those […] more »

by Adam Griffith

Stephen Debique, a student from Trinidad, carefully removed the screws from the digital camera, trying not to destroy it in the process. His hands shook a little as he hesitated just before popping the hot-filter off the heart of the machine with exactly the correct amount of pressure. After a few minutes of nervous reassembly, […] more »