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by Hannah Wang

I recently attended the second annual Journalism School Hackathon at Arizona State University. The challenge: creating solutions for underserved communities. My team created Uproot: a real-world scavenger hunt that allowed travellers to discover African-American history. It was a noble project — and a familiar one. In my first project at the Reese News Lab, NewsLing, […] more »

by Retha Hill

It was a few days before the end of the fall 2011 semester, and a friend at a small southern university was bemoaning the lack of innovative spirit among her students. She’d built in an entrepreneurial module into her class, but only a small percentage of the students took the bait to even try to […] more »

by Adam Klawonn

This week, CityCircles (formerly Daily Phoenix) attended a lunch event at Arizona State University that allowed us to have one-on-one conversations with college seniors who were interested in our project. (The event is summarized here.) This was a crucial event. ASU has a huge footprint in the Phoenix area because it has 69,000 students. They […] more »