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by Adriano Farano

1989. When the Berlin Wall fell down I was only nine. Yet, I can still remember watching my first newscast while the Cold War was coming to an end. 2010. Steve Jobs announced the iPad in San Francisco — a device that fueled the digital video revolution. When we started working on Watchup we had […] more »

by Knight Lab

This post was written by Jordan Young of the Knight News Innovation Lab. This past weekend marked the annual music carnival known as Lollapalooza” held in Chicago’s Grant Park. As you’d expect, close to 100,000 people attending a large event can generate a lot of hot conversations on social media outlets. The Knight News Innovation […] more »

by Rekha Murthy

We know, we know. Android users want the Public Radio Player, too. We’ve received plenty of comments from our feedback page: “Patiently waiting for bliss…” — Stephenmm “hurry up please. i love your app and i want it on my phone!” — ryan “Enjoyed this on my wifes Iphone but was disappointed to find out […] more »