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The team of Chequeado, a fact-checking non-profit news organization in Argentina.
by Carlos Moreno

In recent years, a boom of global political fact-checking organizations has blossomed. The latest? Chequeado, a five-year-old fact-checking operation at the Buenos Aires-based open data outfit Fundación La Voz Pública. Chequeado is among the many global fact-checking operations taking shape through crowdfunding. Within the last year the trend has been forming in Italy, England, Canada and the […] more »

Government & Politics
by Ekaterina Basilaia

Reporters in countries where journalists lack freedom have a new champion. A new crowdfunding platform named Press Start will launch soon specifically to help reporters get their stories told in parts of the world where telling the truth sometimes puts you at risk. Initially, Press Start will be available only for journalists coming from and […] more »

Government & Politics
by Matthew Schafer

The Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, is getting its groove back. That law, intended to secure to “the people” the right “to know what their government is up to,” allows you, me, anyone to request public records from federal agencies. The Supreme Court has cautioned us that it “should not be dismissed as a […] more »

Best Practices
by Daniela Gerson

August 11 marked 50 years since Watts — along with most of South Los Angeles — erupted in six days of racially charged upheaval. Local and national media outlets marked the anniversary with coverage that revisits the police stop that triggered the upheaval, probes comparisons with Baltimore and Ferguson, and investigates the myriad and disturbing persistent problems. This is […] more »

by Meg Dalton

This week, Beacon announced its new partnership with non-profit newsroom ProPublica to improve coverage of workers’ compensation across the United States. The journalism crowdfunding platform has already shown its commitment to funding underreported stories. Through this new partnership, Beacon will not only be able to provide financial support to journalists, but also valuable reporting tools, including […] more »

Best Practices
by Jonathan Morris

It’s amazing how interesting a project can become once you talk to the right people. When I was placed on the team tasked with creating a project that brings more transparency to the North Carolina court system, I was not excited. Courts were boring, but as I dove deeper into the project, I found an […] more »

Government & Politics
by Meg Dalton

Citizens are made, not born. Attitudes, skills, information — these are all things we learn in our schools and communities and through our parents, leaders, colleagues, friends, and strangers. In this world of information overload, it can be difficult to break through the noise and reach the public to rekindle the ideals of active citizenship. […] more »

Government & Politics
by Khari Johnson

These are news startups whose work may impact voters and politicians who choose the destiny of a nation. Every one of these news startups have carried out a crowdfunding campaign since the start of the year, and each of them seeks to make democracy function better. All of these news startups deal with national politics. […] more »

Government & Politics
by Jerri Eddings

The recent election of Muhammadu Buhari as president of Nigeria has been hailed internationally as a historic transfer of power for Africa’s most populous nation. It was the first in which a sitting president was defeated at the ballot box. Sunday Dare, an ICFJ Knight Fellow who worked in Nigeria in 2011 and 2012, is […] more »

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